Friday November 9, 2018

How did Ken Kesey and his psychedelic community the Merry Pranksters re-imagine reality through their use of the phrase “the current fantasy”? How does one determine one’s fantasy? Surely it’s by performing these fantasies collectively — in groups, with others. In today’s performance, let us imagine ourselves as psychedelic detectives, researching Michael Bowen and Gary Goldhill, figures Tom Wolfe references as members of the League for Spiritual Discovery in his book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Goldhill was an English head who worked for the BBC, Wolfe says, until he took some magic mushrooms in San Miguel de Allende, and in so doing discovered “the Management and gave up all, all the TV BBC game and dedicated himself to The Life” (Wolfe 361). Time to dive back into this thing, no? Symbols trigger recollection of forgotten knowledge. They cure us of our amnesia. We realize reality is a hologram — Philip K. Dick’s “Black Iron Prison.” A military coup d’√©tat occurred on 11/22/63. Our duty now is to unravel belief in the frame.

2 thoughts on “Friday November 9, 2018”

  1. I knew, and, for several months, lived with, Gary Goldhill in his household on Masonic Street. I was his dumb blonde girlfriend.
    I have the impression Goldhill might have had some kind of military intelligence background though given my limited knowledge of the situation (and blond hair) I could easily be totally wrong. I know I am still scared of him even today in my otherwise confident and peaceful old age. He was, to me at least, a scary guy. Is he still alive? I am glad to say I am!

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    1. Wow — thanks, Laurie! What a wild scene that must have been. Interesting to hear that Goldhill might have had ties to an intelligence agency. Scary, indeed! I wonder what happened to him. Pull on the narrative threads in the history of the 60s psychedelic counterculture and things turn weird pretty quickly!


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