Sunday June 30, 2019

Colored flags lift and flap in the air above a parking lot as I ease myself back into the patterns and rhythms of life in the United States. People here seem hard-shelled and prickly, the air between them charged with menace. But the sun is out. The sky is clear. Allowances have been made for potted plants and beleaguered trees amid rows upon rows of strip malls. Hulks with tattoos order breakfast sandwiches at deli counters, but birds still sing outdoors, despite idling motorists, in the silences between waves of traffic. Next thing I know, we’re in crisis mode: an afternoon visit to a pool thrown into disarray when a nephew bangs his head on a diving board while attempting a back flip. Within a few hours, he’s back home with eight staples in his head playing Fortnite on his Nintendo Switch.

4 thoughts on “Sunday June 30, 2019”

  1. Ouch. I guess that’s called a hard landing.

    Thank you for your travel scripts. My enjoyment has been diminished not one jot by unfamiliarity with many of the people/books/concepts you blithely mention. 🙂
    Of course there was added piquancy in the contemporaneous presence of my partner and son in the UK; theirs was a very different experience. One thing in common, however, is the trial of traversing the teeming tundra of Heathrow. They are driving there as I write, preparing for the 24 hour return journey.

    As I was catching up on the last swag of posts, I found myself thinking of Agitation Free and wondering if you know their first three (very different) albums.

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