Friday June 21, 2019

Sunlight reflected off passing cars on the street below travels in a ghostly manner across the ceiling of the flat, short fleeting flashes matched with sounds of engines as I lie on a couch beside the window. Sarah and J. type at their laptops. Air releases as one of them twists the cap from a carbonated beverage. I try to open myself to these sounds. I try to welcome them as aspects of experience. Before long, conditions change: J. rinses a dish in the sink, Sarah leafs through a catalogue, the sun passes behind some clouds, and suddenly I’m up on my feet, I’m stretching, trying to release tension from my neck and shoulders. What is the source of this tension? Blocked kundalini energy — energy I’ve awakened, trapped along its journey up my spine? Perhaps it’s just pain related to the shitty mattresses on which I’ve been sleeping these past few weeks. Rather than dwell on the discomfort, I hop over to the Tate Britain, where I wander around listening to Third Ear Band’s Alchemy while viewing works by Ithell Colquhoun and William Blake. Beautiful carved objects greet me by day’s end — ornate wooden chessboards, masks, figures, and statues at a West African restaurant near the British Museum. Dining alone in close proximity to neighboring tables creates a slight sense of awkwardness, as I know not where to direct my gaze, other than at the art on the walls.

6 thoughts on “Friday June 21, 2019”

  1. This interchange has got me thinking.
    How to soundtrack a visit to London?
    As a modest starting point…

    Tower of London: Rick Wakeman – Six Wives of Henry VIII
    National Gallery (Impressionists): Popol Vuh – Spirit of Peace
    A day at Wimbledon: Can – Tago Mago
    Hyde Park stroll: Cosmic Rough Riders – Too Close To See Far

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    1. I love this idea! Here are a few more:

      Chiswick: McDonald & Giles – S/T
      Primrose Hill: The Who – The Who Sell Out
      Regent’s Park: The Kinks – Arthur
      Victoria & Albert Museum: Andrew Oldham Orchestra – The Rolling Stones Songbook

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  2. The word ‘kundalini’ took me to a time when, as a teenager, I’d discovered books by Lobsang Rampa, and started practicing how to see auras and astral travel. I never got good at either, but I could talk telepathically to my cat sometimes.

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